Worship Ministries

Acolytes serve on Sunday mornings during worship.  The acolyte lights and extinguishes the candles for worship and helps with baptisms and other special milestones that happen during worship.

Lectors read the scripture readings for the day during the worship service.

Communion Assistants help with the distribution of Holy Communion.  Generally communion assistants will pour wine into cups as individuals receive the sacrament.  Occasionally communion assistants will distribute bread.

Ushers hand out bulletins to people as they enter for worship.  They also are the people that look out for newcomers along with the welcome team.  Ushers help people get situated in the sanctuary and answer questions that people might have about the service or the facility.

Altar Guild is responsible for setting up communion for Sunday worship, ordering flowers, and changing paraments on the altar and pulpit in conjunction with the church calendar, as well as caring for the altar area.  

Cantors sing the liturgy during the worship service.  Most likely they sing the Kyrie and the introduction to the hymn of praise.